Yummy Thoughts

Thx again it not only looked good but it was delish!! So glad you made a new connection with the woman at the venue and hopefully she promotes you 🙂 I definitely will be!! And to add to that my husband said it was the best cake he ever had !

Jodi K

My friends are all raving about your cake . It’s beauty and deliciousness!

Carole Z

Hi Jen! The cake was a big hit. Needless to say I think you will be getting some calls 🙂 Thanks again.


OMG. That cake was incredible!!! Seriously the best I have ever had!!


The cake was stunning and tasted amazing!! A friend of mine who was a guest owns a cookie business and does decorated items so was asking me about it. I said we found it on Pinterest. She said I hate Pinterest because it’s impossible to replicate but your cake designer nailed it!
Was overwhelmed last night so tasted each cake but didn’t really taste it. Had some today and YUMMY. I don’t normally eat fondant but yours was great!!

Shelley L

Omgggg your food- people were raaaaving!!! For me the challah!!!
Bring me cards tomorrow. LOL so many people loved everything. Thank you for making my event filled with love from your kitchen XOXO

Jen, this cake is unbelievable!! Absolutely stunning and so delicious. I’m so proud of your work!


Desserts were very yummy!!!

Wanted to let u know that the cake was a hit. Hope your Seder went well 🙂

Honestly I don’t eat sweets much but I tried the cake and it was so damn delicious! So rich but not too sweet. Really just perfect!! We all loved it!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing, delicious cake you made. It was such a hit! Even my little niece who never touches cake ate 2 slices!

Thanks again and we look forward to more orders!


Jen’s desserts and baked goods are truly “Irresistibly Delicious!”. We have ordered many desserts and we have never been disappointed! We love to hear the squeals of delight coming from the kids when they see her specialty cakes such as her Kit Kat Cake and her Rainbow Cake. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also taste incredible.
On Shabbat and holidays, our family and guests always go crazy for her fresh homemade challah. We often have large groups of people for meals and they look forward to her desserts. Everyone loves her cookies and squares, such as the Hello Dollies, Toblerone shortbread cookies, and mini cheesecakes. Jen genuinely cares about what she does and is always thinking up new and creative ideas for her customers. If we present Jen with a new idea, she finds a way to make it happen! She is a pleasure to deal with and her items are always delivered on time as promised. I have referred many others to Jen and they too have been extremely pleased.

Kim D.

Everything was insanely delicious!
People were freaking out over the cake.
Thank you!

Dara R.

I can’t say enough about Jen’s delicious treats. I got to taste her mouthwatering cookie dough cheesecake at a party recently and I couldn’t stop talking about it. My son is a particularly picky eater, and doesn’t love cheese but he took one bite and was hooked. I have never seen him finish a piece of cake like that and even asked for more. I couldn’t believe it.

We ordered one from Jen the following week for our family along with her amazing challah. The challah was so beautiful and tasted so good. We had to hold back on eating it all so we could save some for French toast on Saturday morning. Jen is so accommodating and willing to customize orders for people.

Virginia H and family

I have had the pleasure of ordering from Jen several times now. Everything she makes is absolutely delicious.  Her presentation is both creative and original. She really pays attention to every detail. Jen is also a pleasure to work with. Her deliveries always came on time whether it was her delicious fresh challah on shabbat or the beautiful smartie and kitkat birthday cake we ordered for my daughter’s birthday party. I’ve recommended her to many friends who have also been thoroughly impressed.

Joanna P.

I ordered some desserts from Jen for a large family dinner. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was the first time ordering from her, but I had heard great things. From the first bite of the cookie dough cheesecake, I was salivating for more and more. It was the most decadent dessert and I couldn’t even believe it was cheesecake! It was so good that I even ate the leftover off my husband’s plate. Even as I write this I remember how much I loved it and need another piece! The shortbread cookies were also out of this world. I can’t wait to try more of Jen’s baked goods (I’ve seen photos of the Smarties cake and want that one next!) and will order from her again in a heartbeat!

Elise D.

Jennifer’s baking is nothing short of amazing. My family can’t wait for me to arrive home with one of Jen’s fresh challahs and of course her brownies for dessert. Her attention to detail and excellent service make her a true pleasure to deal with.

Natalie G.

The cake was amazing. We loved it. Your attention to detail was unbelievable. Loved the mini jiffy pop. I was still eating it last night…yummy! Looking forward to working with you again for Aaron’s cake. Jan 2018…we have some time. Thank you again,


Your cake was a huge hit! You may have some new future customers…


My mother absolutely loved it. It was a true hit. Thanks for making her birthday extra special. Wow!! The cake is amazing! She LOVED it!!


Thanks so much for the cake. It was delicious and oh so moist.


The cake was a hit! Kate was blown away by how gorgeous and delicious it was. Thank you!


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