Our Cheesecakes also come in a variety of flavours (not pictured) strawberry or blueberry, Oreo, Salted Caramel and more!

Take a look at our cakes, and please email or fill out the form on the contact page in order to place an order. Jennifer makes sure to call each customer before finalizing the order, to ensure every detail is accounted for. A quote will be provided during the initial call. Thank you and we look forward to sweetening your special day!

Mini Cheesecakes

Regular, Chocolate Chip or Cookie Dough

Rich delicious cheesecake baked atop either cookie dough or graham cracker crust. Choose from fruit, cookie dough, chocolate chip or peanut butter cup (contains nuts).

Dream Cookie Dough Cheesecake

This is called the dream cheesecake because it is heavenly. Cookie dough crust with a rich creamy cheesecake baked with cookie dough on top and then drizzled in rich milk chocolate.

Sweet and refreshing Cherry Cheesecake

A vanilla cheesecake covered with raspberries (Or a fruit of your choice)!

Decadent Chocolate Chip cheesecake

A rich cheesecake filled with chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate of your choice