Hey Sweety!

I'm Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Grossman Godfrey and I have 3 amazing kids who are the best testers and critics in the world. If it doesn’t meet their approval, I don’t bake it!!

Once my last child was settled into school full time, I decided I would like to find a job that I loved to do while allowing me complete flexibility to still be involved in all the other important aspects of my life. That is how Irresistibly Delicious came to be. I had always loved to bake and share my treats with others. I would often receive comments such as “Jen, why don’t you sell your desserts?  They are that good.”

When I finally told my family and friends I was going to start this business, they gave me so much support. I was lucky to have all of their opinions that proved to be invaluable as I launched Irresistibly Delicious.

Irresistibly Delicious allows me to use my creativity and share my passion for baking with others.

As a child I had always enjoyed baking. My mother was a great baker and she loved to entertain so there was always an opportunity to learn from her. I also have 3 older sisters who liked being in the kitchen as well, so at a young age we learned to appreciate good quality food. Over the years I have developed my own techniques and personalized recipes.


One of my most requested items is challah. Each one comes topped with a sweet topping that gives it an extra delicious taste. Over the years they have found their way onto the tables of Friday night Shabbat meals, bar mitzvahs and weddings. Today, you can order a challah fresh for delivery on Friday or for any special occasion you may have.

Being health conscious was also a big part of our life growing up but we never deprived ourselves of a good dessert. I remember my mom saying that a good dessert should be rated on a scale of 1-10 and if you are going to bother indulging on it, it should be worth a “10”.

That is what I think of when creating new desserts. I use fresh ingredients made to order so that you get freshly made, quality desserts.

We offer pickup in midtown Toronto. We do also offer free delivery to venues for weddings, bar/bat mitzahs,  etc in the GTA.